As more and more Australians move to country and semi-rural areas for a better lifestyle, and our urban sprawl takes homeowners closer to wooded and high vegetation areas, protection from bushfires has become increasingly important.  At Taylor and Stilring we offer three types of Bushfire protection, depening on where you home is situated. Depending on your BAL rating you may need either;

  • The lower BAL-40, either Stainless Steel Screen Mesh and or BAL-40 Window roller shutter
  • Higher BAL-FZ,  you will need to install either steel bar door shutters. or the new stainless steel BAL-FZ roller shutter.  These can both be retrofitted to existing buildings.  Full details on these products can be found <here>

BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels) Rating explained:  The new Australian Standard 3959-2009 is now adopted in all States of Australia. The Standard defines bushfire risk levels (bushfire attack level – BAL) and corresponding construction requirements for each BAL-level. Different BAL Levels are:

  • BAL-12.5: Low
  • BAL-19:    Moderate
  • BAL-29:    High
  • BAL-40:    Very high
  • BAL-FZ:    Flame Zone

The weakest point in your home are your windows. If left unprotected during a bushfire, they may crack and shatter exposing the entire home to sparks and embers entry, possibly destroying your valuable property and possessions in the process. At Taylor and Stirling we are committed to helping protect families and their homes, please call into our showroom to see the latest BAL-40 fire roller shutterand BAL-FZ (flame zone) open door steel fire shuter.   Our solutions have all be tested by the CSIRO and have obtained the necessary standard sign-off to protect you in a Bushfire

Either made from heavy duty extruded aluminimum or steel frame finished in durable powder coat.  The Fire roller shutters provide important protection from heat and flying debris during a bushfire attack. They also operate as normal shutters at other times providing Security, Light & Heat Control, Window Shading and Privacy when needed. Available in a range of colours.  The bushfire foller shutter (BAL 40) can also be motorised. Our BAL-FZ shutters achieve this level of safety through:

Reinforced steel frame finished in durable powder coat
Patented panel technology
Dedicated shutter hardware with multi-point lock/latching
Intumescent seals

The fire shutters:

  • Comply with the New Australian Standard AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2 Construtions of buildins in bushfire prone areas).
  • Bushfire rated to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) A40 or BAL-FZ
  • Tested by CSIRO (Report # FSZ1379)
  • Radiant heat shieldings properties to 40kW/M2
  • Suitable for large span windows and doors.
  • Protect windows from flying debries and extreme heat radiation.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Completely motorised. (12V/Solar and 240 Volt)
  • Remote control options
  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • Dual purpose as a security shutter

The following guide about retrofiting your home with fire shutters, Use these building ideas as part of your overall bushfire survival plan. Download the guide here