Perfect fit pleated blind are an ideal solution to your tilt and turn windows and doors.  Designed for uPVC windows or doors , these state-of-the-art roller blinds fit directly on to the double-glazed window or door panel, eliminating the need to drill and screw into the window frame or wall to effectively streamline the installation process and enabling self-install roller blind.  The system from Louvolite – perfect pleated blind system – fits to the existing window or patio doorframe using specially adapted brackets – the roller blind can be operated easily, even when the windows or door are open. This system also allows the roller blind to fit flush against the window – ensuring a gapless finish that offers complete privacy and protection from intrusive external light sources.  The Perfect Fit pleated blind system is supplied with specialist brackets, enabling simple DIY install, these brackets slide between the glass and the rubber glazing bead for a neat and professional finish, without the need for drilling or screwing.  Aside from the sophisticated Perfect Fit pleated blind mechanism, our range of high-quality pleated blinds is available in a stunning range of colours, textures, patterns and designs – helping you choose a blind that’s both eye-catching and practical. Whether you’re purchasing a blind for your living room, kitchen or conservatory, our Perfect Fit roller blinds prove the ideal choice.    They are can be done in a traditional blockout or translucent fabric.   Perfect Fit pleasted blinds can also be removed in seconds when the window and doors need cleaning, and also leaves the window sills clutter free. The perfect fit system is an ideal solution for  pleated conservatory blinds.

Pleated blinds for upvc windows

– Profile colour available: white, grey, dark brown, golden oak and rosewood and mahogany to match UPVC frames.
– Blind operation: up and down
– Pleat width 20mm and 25mm
– Fabric also available blackout, cellular and SPC (solar protective coating)
– Choice of designs and colours, translucent, blockout and screen
– Also available for conservatory roof blinds

Pleated Blinds Fabrics

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  • Kathy Quinlan
    February 1, 2021 8:43 am

    Can a perfect blind be made for a slanted parallelogram window in a boat ? And if not what would suit?