At Taylor and Stirling we specialise in Period homes, being based in the heart of Ballarat in a 1850’s building gives us a unique understanding of older home remodelling. When remodeling an period home, it is important to maintain the integrity of the original architectural design, especially regarding the old house windows styles. Before proceeding further with window repair or window replacement, the various types of windows commonly found in period homes. There are several styles of wood double hung windows found in old houses. Next to the double hung window, in regard to general use in the construction of homes, comes the casement window or French window. This window has the sashes divided vertically, each being hinged at the sides like a pair of doors. Well-planned bay windows will greatly enhance the architectural effect of a home. Window seats in bay windows in the living or bedroom can serve as a relaxing retreat for reading.

Create a beautiful original window treatment with designs from the past, featuring period pelmets and lambrequins with illustrations. Window treatments, together with walls, floor, and ceiling, form the background for the furniture of a room. Curtains may be used to exclude an unpleasant view, to soften and diffuse the light coming through the window, or to frame an attractive outlook. Through careful choice of colors and textures, draperies may also serve as a connecting link between the walls and other furnishings. Various styles of window treatments during the Victorian period included valances, cornices, draperies, and curtains.

Period Roller Blinds

A classic cotton roller fabric that’s been around for years, and is often seen in historic properties. Has a lovely matt finish. Available in 21 colours.  These can be installed on the classic spring roller blind mechanism or a more modern chain system.  The can be combined with lace core to provide and extra special look.  These fabrics are 100% cotton and are manufactured in Sweden to high environmental standards.

Period Curtians Farbics , Swag & Tails & Tassels

We are proud stockist of the  Morris & Co. range of period fabrics.  Morris & Co. guarantees authentic versions of those designs alongside new interpretations, using innovations in printing and weaving technology to create up-to-date fabric and wallpaper designs with timeless appeal.  For the full range of Morris & Co. curtain and wallpaper fabics checkout

We also stock a range of other period curtain fabics from other suppliers catering to all budgets.

Period Wallpapers

We have a range of Period wallpapers, including Morris & Co. Linwood, Trabeth Textiles, Madison Court, James Dunlop.