Looking for something different for your outdoor area, then consider a Retractable Roof system. Taylor and Stirling can provide your with your ultimate retractable roof system.   We have systems from Corradi, Aluxor and our extreme ZIPscreen that may make this a possibility.  They come in two styles either a Roman or Straight the roman system can do much larger expanses while the straight retracts into a single headbox.  The Roman system is normally consider waterproof, while the straight system often have a mesh or simple acrylic cover.  The straight system is often used on conservatory style roofs.

Corradi Retractable Roof Systems 

Corrad are the world leader in retractable roof systems roof system for use in private homes, courtyards, restaurants and commercial applications where the user is seeking more than just protection from the sun. Folding away at the touch of the button the our retractable roof is designed to ensure the user can get the most out of their area by offering the flexibility of opening or closing the system to suit the weather conditions. Utilising an easy to clean waterproof fabric the system offers 100% rain protection to create an operable outdoor room feel for an all seasons alfresco lifestyle.

Aluxor Retractable Roof Systems

Aluxor’s support s both types of system having standard roman systems like the Sintesi Retractable Roofing range or Conservatroy rooms systems like the Sundreamer range.  Sintesi System is designed to provide all weather protection for outdoor commercial and residential settings. Combining the best of open air living with sun, wind and rain protection, the Italian designed Sintesi incorporates an integrated rain gutter and downpipe system fitted discreetly into an elegant mounting frame to channel water away.   Systems like the The Sintesi Ghost shown below have Ghost incorporates the unique feature that when retracted the fabric bundle is fully concealed.  Conservatory and pergola awnings are mounted above fixed structures or supplied with an Integrated post + rail system to stop sun and heat before they reach the interior of your home.

Palmiye Retractable Roof

Palmiye Retractable Pergolas with a seamless combination of the traditional and modern, have become enormously popular with customers around the world. As well as providing shade, it is designed to be used in all weather conditions. In the spirit of alfresco living, the pergola flawlessly integrates the outdoors with the indoors and enables you to create living areas that you have only dreamed of having at home.  Wind rated to 117km/h

Skyline Retractable Conservatory Roof

Ideal for existing incline structures Pergola, Glass Roof, Conservatory Window
Design for the modern home or business Fully motorised, sun & wind sensor option
Colour match to your exterior architecture High quality componentry with a 5 year warranty.