Panther Security Doors and Windows

We have a range of Security Doors and Security Window coverings depending on your requirements.  We are the agent for the Panther range of security products,  in Ballarat and Huonville

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Security screen doors are the best combination of comfort and safety money can provide. By letting the fresh air in and keeping the bad guys out, security screens are the very best way to protect your family, your valuables and your way of life.

Benefits of Panther Protect product security doors and windows

Unmatched Security Door Products
Counting all the Australian Standards that Panther Protect blows out of the water with our innovative engineering design would take all day, but if you do want to read all about it, you can view the list over here.
Panther Protect achieved 20 times the impacts required for forced entry when tested which would stop even the most determined intruder in their tracks.

Unmatched Security Door Value
Even with all the features we offer, Panther Protect strives to offer great value for money. Panther protect is the last word in savings as well as security.

Unmatched Style
You might think a product designed to lock up tighter than Fort Knox couldn’t possibly be attractive, but you’d be dead wrong. Utilising an elegant, modernist style, Panther Protect security doors and windows don’t take away from the look of a building… they add to it! With Panther Protect your home can stay safe and look great doing it.

Security Doors Standards

The panther product has past al the following test – Dynamic Impact Test, Pull Test ,Jemmy Test, Shear Test Knife Shear Test, Probe Test.  Its also rated and tested for BAL-40.It also passes the Neutral Salt Spray Test (1000 hrs). It is classed as a type 3 infill material. Available in single door lock, or to be security door Triple lock.

Security Windows

As with our security doors our security windows have past the same test. The security windows drop into your normal flyscreen position and are secured with anti tamper screws.  If you want the ability to exist through these windows then consider the escape window system that provides the same level of security from the outside, but allows you to exit through the window if you have a fire.

Security Sliding doors

Security doors for sliding doors are very similar product however depending on your existing doors, you may need to add an interlock that prevents the door from being opened or pulled form the middle of the slide. Available in single door lock, or to be security door Triple lock.

Security doors for French Doors

French door security doors are the same as single doors except we hand the ability of one door to be fixed.Available in single door lock, or to be security door Triple lock.

Alu-Guard Security Doors

The All-Aluminium security screening solution for Australian conditions. ALU-GARD is a perforated aluminium sheet retained in an extruded aluminium frame. It is a less expensive product that the Panther range of security products.

Privacy Mesh Doors

Privacy mesh which sits behind a grille or barred door/screen is an aluminium sheet that has perforated holes on an angle (see below image), this provides an extremely effective reduction in visibility looking into the home. This mesh requires a grille for support and security as the Privacy Mesh itself can be cut with a good pair of scissors!

Installation of your Security Doors

White not a requirement to be licensed in Victoria and Tasmania, all our installers have passed a police check, and all your security doors and windows will also be installed to AS5040.   This standard details how security doors and windows will be installed.

Diamond Mesh Doors and Windows

The tried and tested classic Diamond Grille is always a big seller, versatile, cost effective and durable this option gives you plenty of options including Privacy Mesh, Tuffscreen/Petmesh, (fibreglass flywire included as standard) and Petdoors.
Grille security doors provide a barrier against intruders and bugs, custom made to suit almost any hinged, sliding door or window, they are not rated as a security product.

Flyscreen windows and doors

Flyscreen are available in 9mm and 11mm Frames, there are three mesh type available in our flyscreen range.

  • Ultra Mesh – Fibreglass core, PVC coating and UV stablised for longevity
  • Paw Proof – PVC coated flexible fibreglass, Twenty times stronger than standard fibreglass mesh
  • Stainless Steel Mesh – 316 grade stainless steel screen, Pre-treated and powder coated black, Boasts the longest outdoor life of any mesh for BAL-29 approval.