Interior lighting is one of the most vital elements and key aspects of any living space; lighting has the ability to change the mood and perceived size of any interior room.  It is only when these elements come together perfectly that a room benefits from harmony and effortless cohesion of Interior design.

We now have a range of lighting solutions available to compliment your home decor including, Pendant lamps, Desk lamps, Floor Lamps and wall lights.

Our range includes;

Mayfield Lighting

Mayfield Lamps have grown to become a well respected and admired supplier to the Australasian furniture & lighting industry

Emac Lawton

Emac & Lawton is renowned for creative, innovative and on trend indoor lighting designs and handcrafted items tailored to residential and commercial markets.


From hand-crafted lighting suitable for bars, restaurants, cafes, stores and hotels, to special showpieces for homes – our range is as beautiful as it is fascinating.