Corradi - The Outdoor Alchemist

Corradi Outdoor Rooms are and evolution of your living space.

Italian Design tailored for you. Corradi brings an unmistakable touch to any outdoor setting and decor, and allows you to live extra-ordinary, in a fusion of functional and art.  Wood or aluminium, anchored to your house or free standing, flat or tilted, open around the perimeter or enclosed, the Corradi outdoor room range consists of made to measure fully customised products to create your ultimate outdoor living space.  Corradi range can covers Retractable Roof, Louvred Roof, Sun Sails and Zip Blinds.

Retractable Roofs

Pergotenda® is the sliding covering system patented by Corradi, made-to-measure and customizable to make outdoor spaces comfortable and enjoyable for many months out of the year. There are 12 retractable roofs in the range depending on your requirements.

EXYL – Retractable Roof

A fusion between minimalism and practality the structure combines stylistic lightness with high structural strength. Constructed using Aluminium.

PALLADIA -Retractable Roof

Th understated elegance and minimalist design of the Palladia complements any modern or contemporary architecture. Constructed using Aluminium.

FLUX – Retractable Roof

The Flux is the first outdoor room to be designed with curved runners. This European look creates a timeless feel with softer lines, while still allowing for any of the enclosure systems.  Constructed using Aluminium.

MOVE – Retractable Roof

The entertainers dream, the Move comes standard with integrated LED lighting and speakers.  This versatile, award wining design offers vertical sin shading and compliments edgy, urban architecture. Constructed using Aluminium.

MILLENIUM Celeb- Retractable Roof

With clean, modern lines and concealed mechanisms, the Millenium is the quintessential modern outdoor room. Constructed using Aluminium.

B-Space – Retractable Roof

With its uniquely engineered aluminium frame, the B-space can span unrivalled distances.  This outdoor room was specifically designed to cover larger spaces, so is well suited for a myriad of residential and commercial applications. Constructed using Aluminium.

Kubo – Retractable Roof

The sleek geometric design of the Kubo makes a bold statement and offers the freedom to create your outdoor room anywhere. Constructed using Aluminium.

PT120 – Retractable Roof

Conjuring an air of classic romanticism, the PT120 is a freestanding outdoor room capable of covering large area without the need for intermediate pillars. Constructed using PERC Certified Timber.

Twin 4/7- Retractable Roof

Combining the warmth and character of timber with a contemporary shape, the Twin 4/7 features coupled beams and distinctive , yet classic look.  Constructed using PERC Certified Timber.

PT45/60- Retractable Roof

The timeless design of the PT45/60 draws inspiration from teh classic pergola complementing traditional architecture.  Constructed using PERC Certified Timber.

Arko- Retractable Roof

The cantilevered design of the Arko allows the retractable roof to float above your outdoor room. This gives you the maximum usage of floor space and has greater wind resistance when compared to a traditional folding arm awning.  Constructed using PERC Certified Timber.

Louvred Roofs

Corradi’s bioclimatic pergolas are aluminium outdoor structures equipped with orientable blades that can be rotated by remote control or, in some cases, manually. The rotation of the blades creates an environment that is particularly comfortable in all seasons, as by changing their inclination you can control the sunlight and the degree of natural ventilation in the environment below, thereby adjusting the temperature.

This creates a custom microclimate to meet your needs, while with the blades fully closed the space below is protected from the weather. Corradi has combined this great practicality with its unmistakable sense of design and cutting-edge technical solutions, creating an elegant mix of functionality and style.

Eteria Louvored Roof: contemporary practicality

Eteria, daughter of the Sun and the ocean nymph Clymene, was transformed with her sisters into a poplar with bark studded with amber buds. The name of this manual pergola made by Corradi was taken from the legend of ancient Greece, and it preserves the linear forms and noble roots of its mythological inspiration. A member of the louvred bioclimatic pergola family, Eteria shares the metal freestanding pergola structure and adjustable blades of its sisters, letting you adjust the amount of air and light that flows within.  The system comes in a fixed size of 3.5m X 3.95m with manual mode only.  A economical free standing louvred roof.

The movement of the blades, which can be rotated up to 120°, is completely manual, so Eteria does not need electricity. Its motor-free design is therefore extremely simple and deliberately essential. The flat blades also contribute significantly to the minimalism of the volumes, resulting only partially visible even at full aperture for an authentic and simple look. Eteria’s lightweight structure is thus enhanced by the practicality of the aluminium with which it is manufactured: functional to every outdoor space. Indeed, when completely closed the Eteria’s pergola metal is also water-resistant, rain water running off thanks to the gutters embedded into the beams and pillars. Its freestanding pergola also makes it ideal for seaside climates, as it resists salty air and rough weather if properly maintained. Why not use it to give your time the ethereal form of pure architecture, creating an environment of comfortable well-being? At the seaside or at home, Eteria offers the freedom of an open but protected space where you can enjoy your surroundings, whether it be a natural setting or the city.

Sun Sails