A pelmet can add a stylish finish to any window with varying designs for varying tastes and designs to suit your home, it also saves energy reducing heat loss through your windows.  Use pelmets with both blinds and curtains in your window furnishing finishes. 

Pelmets have always been a great traditional decorative element for window furnishings with padding, cord trim and swags of fabric.  Whilst the padded pelmet is still a great option in some homes we are now producing new ways to decorate your windows with pelmets to suit a wider range of styles and designs.  From minimalist timber lacquered pelmets with a two pack finish with MDF substrate,  to creative hand cut designed pelmets and fabric bonded onto timber pelmets to tie in with your colours and patterns.

Pelmets are functionally a great product to include on your windows in terms of their vital benefits for insulation, especially in winter.  Internal window coverings trap a layer of air between the glass and the window dressing.  With the addition of the pelmet barrier over the top the insulation percentage can be increased when applied with thick drapes that completely cover the window.  Without a pelmet a thick drape can stop about 13% heat loss, with it can stop about 40% heat loss!

An interesting shaped or designed pelmet can add a creative element to any space.  We custom make our timber pelmets to suite your requirements either manufactured from a wooden MDF and Chip board composite or Hardwood/Pine solid timber product, depending on your requirements.  We have a number of classic styles or we can custom build your pelmet.  Pelmets are not only energy efficient, but they are what all the windows are wearing this winter.

We can also supply aluminium/plastic pelmets/timber pelmets and/or valances which are normally used to finish classic roller blinds.

Our Classic Pelmet Styles

The following are our standard classic style pelmet shapes.  These can be left undercoat, painted in gloss, material covered, with appropriate beading/piping as required.

Pelmet Styles