Wallpaper Brings Style

So you are thinking about wallpaper, call into our show room and browse through our extensive range of wallpapers you wont find anywhere else. Whether you’re drawn to traditional florals, majestic damask, dark drama or a bit of wit and whimsy, there’s a wallpaper design out there for everyone. The question now is… how to hang wallpaper. And where? These days there are no rules, you can hang your wallpaper in the   bathroom (just ensure you have good ventilation), make a sophisticated feature panel in your living room, or liven up a tired hallway. Need some ideas? We have all the inspiration you need on how to hang wallpaper right here…

Our range will include boutique range from the Arte, James Dunlop ( In the picture, Jet Set,Icon), Pegasus, Trabeth (Madison Court, Davenport) , Conseptica, Selvedge, Unique and Wortley,  Morris & Co., Linwood, Harlequin (All about me), Memento, Hookedonwalls (green box, Kimonm Club, Mystic Mirrors), Arte (Mariano,Sagah), Caselio (Kaleido 5, B &W, Tour Du Monde), Cole and Son, Designers Guild

Harlequin Wallpapers – Has embraced its heritage by producing breathtaking wallpapers in an all-encompassing selection of designs and textures. A master of the flamboyant statement wallpaper, Harlequin also specialises in imaginative finishes, visionary techniques and mouthwatering colours – guaranteed to make your walls a work of art in their own right!

Sanderson Wallpaper – Well known and loved for their traditional, English-inspired wallpapers, Sanderson also offer bold, contemporary and innovative wallpaper designs ideal for the modern interior.

Morris & Co Wallpapers – Guarantees authentic versions wallpapers alongside new interpretations, using innovations in printing technology to create up-to-date wallpaper designs with timeless appeal.

Linwood Wallpapers – Linwood is a family-run business with over three generations of experience in furnishings. They are passionate about maintaining a classic English style collection, while introducing contemporary designs and innovative modern techniques. Working with the finest textile printers,  in Britain and across Europe, they produce stunning wallpaper solutions for your interior.

Caselio – Bold Bright and Fun , Wallpapers and decoration accessories to let the sun shine in your premises, Decoration products are in the trend, ludic and creative …New designs to be discovered every seasons

Cole & Son – Manufacturers of fine printed wallpapers since 1875. A range of 1800 hand block printed wallpapers 350 screen print designs and a huge quantity of original drawings and wallpapers, representing all the styles from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Amongst these are some of the most important historic wallpaper designs in the world. Cole & Son has provided wallpapers for many historic houses including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.  Their magnificent archive is on occasion the source of new designs within our collections. Designs are carefully selected, adapted and coloured by our designers and printed by craftsmen to produce wallpapers faithful to the character of the original document, yet contemporary in feel.

Trabeth Textiles Wallpapers – Have range of wallpapers both contemporary and heritage, brands include Davenport, GreenLand Wallpapers

Designers Guild Wallpapers – Explore the complete range of luxury wallpaper and wallcovering from Designers Guild Exquisite florals, chic geometrics, textural wallpapers and a range of elegant designs inspired by nature, Desginers Guild have something for everyone.

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need?

Step 1: Calculate the number of drops of wallpaper needed – Measure the width of each of the walls you want to cover in your room and divide by width of wallpaper m (the standard width of wallpaper 53cm, check wallpaper width first!, this will be on the inside of the sample). This will give you the number of drops.

Step 2: Calculate the length of wallpaper needed – Measure the height of your room and multiply the height by the number of drops to get the number of metres you need.

Step 3: Calculate the number of rolls needed – Divide by the length of the roll less the stated pattern repeat. Wallpaper is normally 10m long but check your wallpaper length first! Round up to the nearest whole number. This will give you the number of rolls needed.

Step 4: Allow extra for any wastage. – Always allow a little bit flexibility. However wallpaper is sold by the roll, so depending on cost having an extra roll may be an advantage or it its professionally installed it may not be required.

How many rolls of Wallpaper – Example
So, for a wall that is 5m wide by 2.7m high, using wallpaper which has a 64cm pattern repeat the calculation would be:

Step 1: Calculate the number of drops needed
– 5m (wall width) divided by 0.53m (assumed wallpaper width) = 9.4 drops

Step 2: Calculate the length of wallpaper needed
– 9.4 drops x 2.7m (room height) = 25.4m

Step 3: Calculate the number of rolls needed
– 25.4m divided by 9.36* (*10m (wallpaper length) – 0.64m (pattern repeat)) = 2.8 rolls. Rolls are sold in whole lengths so this rounds up to 3 complete rolls.

Step 4: Allow extra for any wastage.
– Personal choice