At taylor and Stirling Interior Design, we take the time to get the detail right and reflect your personality with our furniture & finishes consultancy service.

Will you renew or recycle your furniture? Budget is always paramount in the decisions you make. Invest in quality big ticket items such as a dining table or lounge. Large pieces are visually more prominent, it is important to get it right for the overall design scheme, you can then add smaller elements to this look over time. Perhaps you already have the perfect piece for your new room. It may just need a tidy up or a new colour through paint or upholstery.

When selecting your furniture, it’s important to visualise the overall design scheme of the surrounding environment. Your home is the most personal space you can be in, so it must suit your needs and personality. With the right finishing touches, your home or office can be “Beautiful on the Inside”.

Furniture Selection

Furniture selection requires careful consideration and coordination to produce a seamless and cohesive design. Configuration, scale and proportion are important factors to consider when buying or re-arranging furniture. Large pieces of furniture are visually prominent, allowing for smaller elements to be introduced.

Finishes Selection

Finishes create personality and add character to a room. Natural materials add an earthy warmth and natural style. Paint finishes can create various moods. Wallpapers are very popular at present, a small amount can go a long way and really make a statement. The finishing touches make your room complete.