Large Roller Blinds

We have a number of solutions for large windows.  Depending on your requirements we can span windows to 11.5m widths. These systems use a single piece of fabric without gaps or links.  These extra wide roller blinds are perfect for today’s modern windows with their wide expanses of glass. Look around and you’ll find just what you need to furnish your home, office, or even a commercial project.  We have a range of options for those looking for large roller blinds.

We are now able to supply extra large single span internal roller blinds to the Australian Market.  We are seeing more homes with windows spanning a single width of 5m, 6m, 7m windows.  Traditionally these windows would have to have multiple roller blinds to cover a single window.

We can offer you solutions that we have built and installed ourselves running on large format systems.  Depending on the span and drop we have a system that we can propose. This includes the GX200, GX400, S60, S100 or S130 from Rollease Acmeda 3 or World Screen from Vertilux.

OneBlind by Vertilux (or world screen)

Iis a motorised blind with great control of light and temperature while blending into exterior architecture or interior design like the rest of the Vertilux roller blind systems but for one very big difference.  Worldscreen by Vertilux is for sites requiring wide blinds with no fabric splits.  A single wide roller blind can now cover distances up to 11500x9000mm wide.

As these blinds are so large they will be a motorised solution powered by Somfy.  So if you have large single span windows without mullions and dont want a multi blind solution then come into the showroom for a discussion on how Taylor and Stirling extra wide large roller blind.

So either drop in or come into our showroom to discuss your large format roller blind solutions and see if we can help.