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Ever thought of automating just a corner of your home? But never had an option as most of the products automate entire home and demand exorbitant investment. Ctec Smart Home offers a smart and affordable solution to automate your entire home or just that corner.


The quality: As an electrical product, Ctec believes product quality and safety are the most important factors to consider. Unlike some shoddy online sold smart light switches, the exquisite workmanship helps Ctec stand out in the competition. The quality of product materials guarantees the performance and stability of Ctec smart light switch.

The service: We are local ! Ctec offers local customer service, local warranty, local distribution channel, and local consultation.

The design: Simple, clean, neat and stylish, our large LED touch button design comes from a well known designer in Israel. This unique design separates Ctec from other smart light switches and meets your distinctive taste.

The feature: Instead of having the same behaviour as other smart light switches by running on third party platforms, Ctec runs it’s own platform. It means we are innovative. Here comes some unique features other products never have.

  • Seven days regular timer: For basic on and off in four group settings

  • Count down timer: Turn your lights on/off after certain time

  • Green mode: Turn lights off after a while if they are turned on

  • Night mode: Turn the front panel LED off via the APP

  • Notification: Receive push notifications if lights are turned on/off

  • Scene mode: Different scenes suite different occasions.

CTEC range

Full range of home automation products available at http://www.ctec.com.au

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