Roller blinds (Holland blinds) are always popular as they can provide a clean, stylish & contemporary look. It is the classic simplicity of roller blinds that continues to make them a preferred choice.

They offer the convent choice of blockout, translucent (light filtering), sunscreen.  Modern roller blinds see a mixture of  with either dual roller blinds or roller blind combined with elegance of sheer curtains.  We increasingly see a range of textured fabric being purchased to provide a softer feel to the traditional roller blind.

Modern roller blinds can be customised with an endless variety of additions, including scalloped finishes, fabric inserts and bonded fabrics. One of the most functional ways of managing heat and light, your roller blinds can provide total sun blockout or allow filtered light into your rooms. It is not only the functionality that makes roller blinds so appealing; the clean, uncluttered look at your windows that makes its own style statement.  Please drop into our showroom in Ballarat or call us to discuss how we can provide a roller blinds solution to suit your home.

Modern Roller Blind – Homemaker Range of Fabrics

We have now introduced our home maker range of roller blinds fabrics, this range is ideally suited to the first home maker and builder market.  These in our base range you can have a choice of Plain Blockout, Textured & Sunscreen.  We beleive these farbics of the best value roller blinds in Ballarat.

Modern Roller Blind – Designer Range of Fabrics

Our Designer range includes fabics that are more exclusive and unqiue, either with heavier backing, highly textured, Australian and International fabrics.

We have roller blinds for Sliding Glass Doors and Blinds for French Doors these are normally constructed using linked blind system or can be done in a single roller blind depending on the width.

Roller Blind Bottom Finishes

How you finish your roller blind has been under constant change and development.  There are the modern style bottom finish, which can be categories as the anodised bar, this can be in the following styles.

  • Plain Sew finish.  Wooden or Plastic lath is inserted at the base.
  • Round, once quite common now only used to match
  • Oval, sleek and modern
  • Large Oval with Bump Bar, replacing the oval, now comes with anti-noise reduction system so the base bars don’t “clang” in the wind
  • Wrapped Bar – Our newest style which is takes the best from the plain sewn finish and the heavy aluminium base bar.  The main advantage is it does not provide another finish.

The more traditional approach to roller blind bottom finish are the plain or fancy finish, this can be grouped in the following styles.

roller blind finish


roller blind finish

Blinds for Bay Windows

Roller blinds can be used in bay windows, however there are a few considerations when deciding if roller blinds are right for your bay windows. In most cases the roller blind will been to be over-rolled, this is to enable the fabric to meet in the corners, but there will be small gaps where the fabric does not meet so if you are a light sleeper then using roller blinds in bay windows might not be the best solution.

Anti ligature, Child Safe Roller blinds

Our soft rise roller blind has a slow-rise principle mechanism, once the blind is released from its ratchet-stop, it will glide slowly and smoothly up to its fully open position and come to rest without that familiar crash.  Incorporating the Krestel break away magnetic system the prevents the mechanism being used as a ligature support point detaching depending on the weight applied.