We no longer support Verosol blinds or Verosol products, but have many options in the sun protection range with equivalent metalised backing technology in our opinion. So if you want an option that offers competitive and functional equivalent to Verosol product, call in and discuss a truly innovative range of solutions for your home or office.

Shaw, Blindware, Uniline & Vetlilux  all offer excellent replacement fabrics compared to Verosol, and they all support wide widths*. So in our opinion, if you want a better option than Verosol, call in and discuss the fabric options available and see how our prices compare to Verosol product range, you will be pleasantly surprised with the competing range of fabrics available.  10% of Verosol range comes from Textiles**.

* We have been advised by the legal team @ HWLE namely Jennie-Lee Schloffer, that Verosol consider this statement to be as follows;
  • misleading or deceptive conduct (s18);
  • false or misleading representations about goods or services (s29); and/o
  • misleading conduct as to the nature etc. of goods (s33).
We find this statement to be completely factual and not misleading.  Given we have had 15 years in the industry and have installed all of these fabrics we believe our knowledge of how these fabrics perform and the cost of these fabrics, makes our opinions on what fabrics work best is what people come to us for a consultation on – Our industry knowledge.  It seems Verosol are wanting to silence that knowledge and expertise, by attempting to use statements that are factually incorrect.
** We have been advised by the legal team @ HWLE namely Jennie-Lee Schloffer, that Verosol considers the previous statement that their roller blind fabrics were “majority” Textiles to be incorrect, and its now closer to 10%.  We cant substantiate that figure as we have not been provided with any data via the Legal team at HWLE to confirm this statement.  Perhaps ask if you are considering Verosol blinds.

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