Motorised Roller Blind solutions – Hardwired

These are wired into the house 240V supply, either via standard 3 core or 4 core depending on your requirements.  Hard wiring your motors is extremely reliable power source and eliminates the need to recharge your motors as they are wired directly into the main power switch of your house, you can add additional support in the case of power failure by adding a UPS – Uninterruptible power supply into the circuit, this is particular important consideration for external roller shutters.

For new builds, you can purchase the 240v tails from our spare parts list and have them installed at frame stage. This is an easy way to ensure the installation of your motorised roller blinds is a breeze when the house is finished.

The tails are installed and wired into the mains. When you receive your blinds, the 240v motors will already be inserted in the end of the roller blind tube. After you have installed your blinds, simply click the motor lead into the tail for instant power. Please note that some tails have 4 wires these are required for integration to traditional home automation systems, such as C-Bus.

For established houses, it is more complex and advised that you enlist the help of a professional electrician to do the hard wiring required, we have people we can recommend.