Contemporary Plantation Shutters

Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, including red cedar, basswood, poplar, thermalite composites and aluminium plantation shutters will bring sophistication to your home.  We have an extensive range of plantation shutters covering differing budgets and functionality, we also have two Australian Made Plantation Shutters.

The ability to close Plantation Shutters up or down provides you with greater control over privacy and light. Plantation Shutters can be customised to suit your window shapes.  Often we assume you have to have either one or the other, curtains or shutters.  Have you considered combining plantation shutters with curtains in your home?

Our Plantations shutters can be broken into the following basic groups:

Basswood & Poplar Plantation Shutters

  • The basswood & poplar range provides a uniform appearance with a rich wood character, offering the ultimate expression of elegant window furnishing design. Basswood shutters are available in specialty shapes and can be customized for any window, shape and size. Solid raised panel and louvre combination panels are also available, creating unique and functional shutter designs for all application.

Thermalite Plantation Shutters

  • With crisp, clean colours, the composite range offers endless decorating possibilities and will provide a distinctive accent to any home. Manufactured in a highly engineered resin plastic with fiberglass.
  • With 20 or 25 year warranty, they will never swell, peel, crack, warp or burn.

Cedar Plantation Shutters

  • Made from stunning Western red Cedar, the cedar shutter range is hand crafted to highlight the intrinsic properties of this unique timber. Available in 18 painted and 2 lacquered natural wood tones, the cedar shutter will add a touch of warmth and richness to any décor. In addition to the standard colour range, the cedar shutter can also be custom painted. Lightweight by nature and with a distinctive wood grain, the cedar shutter brings the beauty and warmth of nature indoors.

Australian made Timber Plantation Shutters & Thermalite

  • Made in Australia from western red cedar, providing a very even grain resulting in a consistent finish, ideal for stains and paints.  These are only available in classic centre tilt rod, however delivery can be in two weeks from order.
  • Made in Australia from Thermalite, they only come in three shades of white, however they can be delivered and installed within 18 business days from order.

We have Ballarat largest range of plantation shutters, our range of plantation shutters are suitable for a wide range of budgets, functionality and styles.

  • Level 1 -Base plantation shutter is a solid wood shutter, with a classic tilt rod at the rear of the shutter, this comes in a very limited range of colours.  These shutters are screwed and doweled in the construction with a solid tilt rod at the rear.
  • Level 2- Is a Thermalite construction, available in 7 colours only and with a 20 year warranty on both the colour and shutter construction.
  • Level 3 – Solid wood shutter (basswood) with a classic tilt rod at the rear of the shutter.  These plantation shutters come in a variety of colours and forms.  They can be used on bay windows, sliding doors and offer both a painted and stained finish.  They have a 5 year warranty.
  • Level 4 – Thermalite, available in both a fully imported and locally produced version, both shutters come with a 25 year warranty.
  • Level 5 – Solid wood shutter (phoenixwood) without a tilt rod, (hidden or easy tilt control).  These plantation shutters come in variety of colours and forms.  Wood is cured to Ballarat conditions. They support bay windows, Panels both 90deg and 180deg
  • Level 6 – Solid wood shutter (white teak) without a tilt rod, (hidden or easy tilt control).  These plantation shutters come in variety of colours and forms.  Wood is cured to Ballarat conditions. They support bay windows, Panels both 90deg and 180deg. The wood used is the strongest as it’s a slower growing and the timber comes from Australian Plantations

Level 2 and Level 4 are a solid plastic shutter ideally suited to wet areas.

Where are our Plantation Shutters Made?

We have available both fully Australian and Overseas made plantation shutter.  Our overseas models are made in China.  The Australian Made plantation shutters are made locally in Melbourne and Queensland from western red cedar and thermalite.  When investing in plantation shutters its important to look at how the shutters are assembled as the market has expanded there are cheaper alternatives, however these models have some parts of questionable quality and are often just screwed and glued.  If you are investing in Plantation Shutters, spending a little more on the initial product will give you trouble free long term use.

Plantation Shutter Installation

Our Installers are fully trained to install your product.  They have attended each manufactures training courses.