Flame Zone BAL-FZ roller shutter

BAL-FZ Tested and Approved Bushfire Roller Shutters for Increased Safety.  Every year, the risk of bushfires in Australia is particularly high on days when the weather is hot and dry and there is a northerly wind. Since 1851, bushfires have wreaked damage costing an estimated 1.6 billion dollars, and according to a national research institute, our continent faces “dangerous decades” ahead. The bushfire season will begin earlier and end later, scientists predict. By the year 2020, the number of calendar days with an “extreme” fire danger rating is expected to have risen by up to 65 %. For this reason, all materials for buildings in bushfire-prone Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rated areas must be certified in accordance with the relevant BAL standards. heroal bushfire systems meet all BAL-Flame Zone (FZ) requirements.  The Heroal system is a stainless steel roller shutter with motorised control with either plain 240v, 240 Override or 240 in conjunction with UPS.  The curtain and side rails are stainless steel with standard functionality of roller shutters.  The main advantage of this system over the roller blind system is that it can be control automatically and can control higher level windows.  Its maximum width to 5200mm.

BAL-FZ roller shutter