The modern sunscreen roller blind would not be complete without the use of a sunscreen or solar shades, are roller blinds featuring a see-through material that blocks the glare of the sun from windows while maintaining a view.

The fabrics can be firstly broken into an openeness factor:

  • Suncreen 2% opennesss, 98% shade cover.
  • Sunscreen 3% openness, 97% shade cover. (often metalised)
  • Suncreen 5% openness, 95 % shade cover.
  • Sunscreen 10% openness, 90% shade cover.
  • Sunscreen 15% openness, 85% shade cover.

Other differentianting factors is the reflective qualative of sunscreen fabrics

  • Koolback Technology – KOOLBLACK Technology is a patented technology that enhances dark colored yarn’s energy reflectivity  by increasing its near infrared reflection (NIR). And now, Basketweave E Screen, a top-specified fabric—is available with KOOLBLACK Technology.  While conventional dark screen fabric provides superior view through and exceptional glare control,  it absorbs the energy that is created by near infrared wavelength. KOOLBLACK Technology enables the fabric to reflect more solar heat, absorbing less energy.
  • Metalised Technology – metallised back that is designed to exceed the stringent standards in light, glare reduction and insulation from harmful UV rays. With superior heat and reflection properties it assists in maintaining an energy efficient environment. Giving you protection without blocking your view.


sunscreen fabric differences

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Sunscreen Blinds difference in temperature

sunscreen roller blinds
Sunscreen Roller Blinds – Treated

Choosing the right Sunscreen Fabric

If you have western facing window and you want to reduce heat and glare but maintain your outlook, then consider a  2% openness. If you have a south facing window and want to let as much light in as possible then consuder a 10% openness.  Anything inbetween consider 5% openeness.

Features of Sunscreen Fabrics

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