Modern roller blinds would be the combination of two blinds one is usually a sunscreen roller blind, providing day time privacy and protection from harmful UV rays, and a blockout roller blind providing night time privacy and insulation. Sometime called Double Roller Blinds, Dual Roller Blinds or Day Night roller blinds.

In todays modern minimilistic homes dual roller blinds or double rollers blinds provide a contemporary look without compromising on style. Rollers fit neatly into the recess or onto the face of windows and are chain controlled for easy operation. Colours for double roller blinds are the same as for Holland Blinds and Sunscreen Roller Blinds.

Linked option allows multiple blinds on one window when the window is too large for one blind.  We recommend no more than 3 blinds operated on the one chain which eliminates multiple chains or up to 4 blinds using the motorised system.