Are you looking for a total blockout solution for your internal window blinds?  The you might like to consider either Acmeda Rollease Z-lock roller blind system. Ideally suited to home theaters or shift workers where you dont want a total blockout solution allowing no ligh to enter the rooma.  While the system can still be chain driven its ideally suited to motirsed roller blind option, with either 240Volt or 12Volt motors , bringing complete darkness within your room with the press of a button.

So if you are a shift worker and dont like the concept of window rooler shutters then installing Z-lock roller blinds will help you get quality, deep sleep in a blackout environment. You’ll be refreshed and ready to go when you wake up thanks, in part, to this sophisticated blind technology.

At Taylor and Stitrling, and we know this z-LOCK system will meet a provide a clean, stylish, durable solution and its the most effective at internal system for blocking out light. It’s also a winner when it comes to temperature control.

The motorised blinds use zip-lock inside channels to hold the blind fabric tight across the window. When you combine appropriate blind material with these side channels, an enclosed head box and a sealed strip located on a weight bar at the bottom, the end result is total interior window covering from every edge. And that means blackout – a dark environment with no light coming into the room from the window.

These blinds will be a great addition to homes in Ballarat and Daylesofrd that are needing total blockout solution from their roller blinds

If you are after a blackout window roller blind solution contact us today to discuss the Acmeda Rollerease Z-lock motorised roller blind solution by darkening your room