If you are looking for skylight solutions we have a number of options now available.  Not only do we stock the Issey product, we can now offer the external skylight solution from Zipscreen.  This system takes our standard Zipscreen outdoor blind and allows it to be mounted horizontal.  The Zipscreen blind has a welded Zip down two sides of the fabric, when the blind is pulled along into the closed position the zips connect into the side channel track system preventing the fabric from sagging. The double motor system works by one motor pulling in the opening or closing position and once the blind has reached your desirered position, the first motor will lock and the second motor will slightly reverse allowing the fabric to be pulled tightly in both directions, leaving you with a trampoline affect taught fabric. You can also use a single motor with a our Constant Tension system (CTS). The CTS has been designed to give excellent sun & heat protection in to your room from the large amounts of glass, it is also perfect for allowing you privacy from any over looking neighbours plus closing out those cold wintery nights.skylightblinds