Sheer Curtains – A softer approach to your interior window furnishings.


Curtains can be used to frame a window, layer a room or add warmth, movement and texture. Traditionally only seen in bedrooms and formal living areas, there’s a growing trend for sheer and motorised curtains in open-plan living spaces. Those following the block 2018 would have seen continuous use of  sheer curtains from the ultra fine to the 100% linen the choices are endless.  With muted colours to floral-inspired prints.  We will be seeing a shift towards ‘beautiful’ fabrics and a softness that moves us away from minimalism. Organic grey shades now offer a modern update on cream and white, and richer hues can be introduced to complement a room’s colour palette. The only rule, there are no rules, whether you want puddling or just kissing the floor let your sheer curtain choice be you.