I write this with complete frustration with the Company Norman Australia and its owner NienMade and its inability to get a motorised honeycomb blind solution into the market that has some vagueness of working without having time consuming faults. The original issues started late 2021 and have now continued with the latest release.

We have the following three customer scenarios.

  1. Customer 1 purchased 5 motorised blinds late 2021, they have now had a total of 7 motor failures – this has left them 40 weeks without a complete solution
  2. Customer 2 purchased 5 motorised blinds late 2021, they have had 2 motor failures and now have reported 2 more motor failures – 16 weeks without complete solution and now a further 8 weeks
  3. Customer 3 purchased 8 motorised blinds early 2023, they have had 2 motor failures.

There was clearly a problem with Normans Australians/Nien Made motorised solution in late 2021 as it was pulled from the market with multiple retailers reporting issues.   A new release was brought to the market in early 2023.  But unfortunately it looks frankly worse that the the last system with faults generating overheating/sparks from charger head.

What’s frankly amusing is Norman Australia’s complete lack of empathy or in fact any vague concept of acceptable customer service. Which seems to be inherent  in the whole company from the Managing Director down.  So after these multiple failures and an issue with cordless venetians they closed our account instead of fixing the issues.  So you can see that these Norman Australia basically don’t care about how long the customer is without a product or the number of issues a single customer has.

So in my view the Motorised Honeycomb blind solution from Norman is nothing but a lemon product and should be avoided at all costs.  We have other products in the same space and have had ZERO failures, which shows its possible to get this to work.

An update to our Motorised Blog, please see Brandon Rigby comments below in a copy of his email.  I believe he is saying the following;

  1. Our website doesn’t matter, but he wants our comments about Norman motorised honeycomb blinds removed.
  2. We don’t have enough motorised jobs to make comment.  We have a total of 14 old motorised blinds and  8 new motorised blinds and we would have had more motorised blinds with Norman Australia but they discontinued supply into the market for approx 6 months.   We also have motorised honeycomb blinds from other suppliers where we are yet to have a SINGLE failure.  I am not sure that I am not qualified to make comment, but I am pretty sure that is more than Brandon. I repeated we have had every one of the 14 replaced and are now replacing more, we have started to replace those rooms with motors from a different company. We have done our research there are other customers who we in a similar position with multiple motorised failures.
  3. The reason we parted ways, – well as far as I am concerned their customer service is terrible and pretty sure this email shows just how terrible. They say I disrespected their staff, yet no examples have been shown. Other than when we had failures in their Norman Cordless Venetian Blinds and after 6 months of Norman Australia doing nothing Brandon advised he will cancel our account, didnt fix the issue, but cancelled the account.  We ended up bringing in our own Venetian and low and behold it was working in 4 weeks.
  4. Faults Generated by overheating – He states that we have not lodged this through their RGA system – Correct and we wont be as we have lost all faith with any dealings with this company.  As for evidence of this.  Perhaps Brandon should have read the blog and looked at the images you can see two charge stick clearly fried and the charge pins clearly burnt.  Did this spark – you bet it sparked.
Lemon Motorised Honeycomb blinds