We are excited to announce we have commenced the manufacture of motorised honeycombs for UPVC windows and doors.  This unique systems fits within the headrail of the Honeycomb blind.  Available with both an internal battery or external option, we anticipate that we will 500 actions.

Motorized blinds offer convenience and can be an excellent choice for UPVC windows and doors, especially if you want to automate the process of opening and closing your blinds. Here’s how you can go about getting motorized honeycomb blinds for your UPVC windows and doors:

  1. Select Your Honeycomb Blinds: First, choose the type and style of honeycomb blinds you want. Honeycomb blinds come in various colors, sizes, and fabric options, so select the one that suits your decor and preferences.
  2. Motorization System: Once you’ve chosen your honeycomb blinds, depending on the size of the UPVC window we can mount the battery back within the headrail of the honeycomb blind.
  3. Operation : Operated using a remote control, smartphone app, or even voice commands as its compatible with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  4. Installation: Arrange for professional installation. Proper installation is crucial for the motorized blinds to work smoothly and reliably. The installation process may involve mounting brackets and wiring if necessary.
  5. Remote Control or Automation: Remote control or integrate the blinds into your home automation system if desired. This allows you to open and close the blinds with ease, and you can schedule them to operate at specific times or in response to changes in lighting conditions or temperature.

Motorized honeycomb blinds can offer convenience, energy efficiency, and an added layer of security for your UPVC windows and doors. They can also be a great option for hard-to-reach windows or for people with mobility issues. Just be sure to work with a reputable blind supplier or installer who specializes in motorized blinds to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation process.