• Highlight them with paint! Majority of heritage homes have an array of beautiful detailing in the cornices, skirtings, windows and ceiling roses. Instead of letting them blend into the surrounding wall or ceiling why not splash some paint on them! You can do this whilst still maintaining a trendy or modern theme by using a dark charcoal, soft grey or even a darker shade of what is already on the wall or ceiling.
    If you’re looking for a modern colour without overdoing it search for a dusty rose, minty tones, antique whites and perhaps greys with a warm hue to it.
  • Accessorize! There are so many lights, rugs and home décor pieces out there that suit a heritage home whilst still having a modern appeal to it. Luckily they also don’t have the heritage price tag. These pieces can complement your home and design.
  • Gardens galore! Looking for some street appeal? Spicing up the garden is the way to go. Heritage homes can include a simple garden of hedges and roses. A lot of people overlook how a garden can frame a home and compliment what you have going on inside.
  • Window furnishings! Period homes have beautifully detailed architraves so why not frame them with some curtains? To suit a heritage home you can choose anything from a Queen Anne or damask print to a plain print in a bright colour. To highlight your windows rather than block them out, set your stack back onto the walls so that it’s past the window. Not only with this show off your heritage details but it will make the windows look bigger and maximize the light coming through.
    Rather than stopping with fabrics choose a rod rather than a standard track and elaborate on it more with a decorative finial! This same effect can also be achieved by adding tassels or tiebacks to a curtain or blind. Tassels can now come in modern colours and designs so don’t be afraid of experimenting!
  • Furniture can create a completely different feel to a room. If you’re not willing to include authentic heritage pieces a lot of furniture shops offer furniture with similar accents, such as curved back couches or armrests with embroidery. To compliment this try some cushions or throws with a heritage appeal such a print, tassels or colours such as maroons, blues, beige, greens or whites.
    If your aiming for a modern look to compliment your heritage features aim for furniture in a rustic or weathered white, dusty blues, pinks or greens and choose some greys with warm hues that go with antique white.