Louvered roofs enhance outdoor living spaces for several reasons, providing a versatile and customizable solution to improve the overall outdoor experience. Here are some key reasons why louvered roofs are popular for enhancing outdoor living:

  1. Adjustable Sunlight and Shade Control:
    • Louvered roofs are designed with adjustable slats or panels that can be tilted or fully closed to control the amount of sunlight and shade in the outdoor space. This feature allows individuals to create a comfortable environment based on their preferences and the weather conditions.
  2. Temperature Regulation:
    • By adjusting the louvers, individuals can control the amount of direct sunlight entering the outdoor space. This regulation helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature, preventing overheating during hot days and allowing warmth when needed during cooler weather.
  3. Rain Protection:
    • Louvered roofs can be closed to provide protection against rain. This feature allows individuals to enjoy their outdoor space even during light rain showers, extending the usability of the area throughout the year.
  4. Ventilation and Airflow:
    • When louvers are open, louvered roofs allow for increased airflow, creating a more comfortable and refreshing outdoor environment. This is especially beneficial during warm seasons, as it helps prevent the space from feeling stuffy.
  5. Customizable Design:
    • Louvered roofs come in various designs, materials, and finishes, allowing for customization to complement the aesthetics of different outdoor spaces. This versatility enables homeowners to create a seamless and stylish transition between indoor and outdoor living areas.
  6. Integration with Smart Technology:
    • Many modern louvered roof systems can be integrated with smart home technology. This allows users to control the opening and closing of the louvers, as well as other features such as lighting and heating, through smartphone apps or voice commands.
  7. Increased Property Value:
    • Adding a louvered roof to an outdoor living space can enhance the overall value of a property. It serves as an attractive and functional feature that potential buyers may find appealing.
  8. Extended Living Space:
    • Louvered roofs effectively extend the usable living space of a home by creating a covered outdoor area. This expanded living space can be used for various activities such as entertaining guests, dining, relaxing, or even working outdoors.

In summary, louvered roofs enhance outdoor living by providing flexibility, comfort, and aesthetics. Their ability to adapt to different weather conditions and user preferences makes them a valuable addition to residential and commercial outdoor spaces.  We are now introducing new models to our range of roof systems,

  • 168 Series – 168mm blade profile and can operate in motorised or manual available in two colours.
  • 220 Series – 220m blade profile can only operate in motorised mode, available in any colour available with rain sensor and integrated LED in blade lighting.
  • 300 Series – 300mm blade profile can only operate in motorised mode, available in any colour available with rain sensor and integrated LED in blade lighting. Single spans 6Mx6M available in any colour

We service Hobart Louvered Roofs and Ballarat Louvered Roofs

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