We have the largest range of 100% linen curtains in the market, Linen curtains are provide your with 100% natural fibres, this includes fabrics from Zepel, Marco, Raffles, Roma, Trabeth to name but a few of our sample fabrics.   We can incorporate these natural fibres with a pure cotton lining to provide you with a 100% natural curtain solution.   With the combination of our 80% or 100% wave fold runner system we can offer the smallest stack in the market, no one else can offer this stack size.  Normally a wave fold curtain requires 25% stack size, running our 80 or 100  wave cord you can reduce your stack to 18% or 15% of total distance, What this means if you are running a curtain that 3000mm wide you now can have a stack size of 450mm the smallest in the market. So call in and discuss how we can keep your window views with 100% linen solutions sheer curtains.  Our primary image shows a 9000mm curtain with ah total stack size of 1350mm which can stack off the window and not lose any view.