We would like to announce we now have a new range of Honeycomb fabrics.  This new range brings a complexly new look to honeycomb blinds, with our new woven range in both blockout and translucent being able to pair these with linen sheer curtains. So honeycombs blinds are no longer the traditional flat spun polyester.  We also now offer coloured backs in a number of colours so its no longer wall of white from the outside when implementing honeycomb blinds

The range now includes the following fabrics

  • Standard Plain – Translucent Honeycombs
  • Sala prints – Translucent & Blockout Honeycombs
  • Bamboo Prints – Translucent & Blockout Honeycombs
  • Linens Prints – Translucent & Blockout Honeycombs
  • Woodgrain – Translucent & Blockout Honeycombs
  • Cell in Cell – Blockout Honeycombs
  • Thatched Translucent & Blockout Honeycombs
  • Paisley Translucent Honeycombs
  • Crush Translucent Honeycombs
  • Woven Translucent & Blockout Honeycombs
  • Sheer Screen Honecombs
  • Lux Linen Translucent & Blockout Honeycombs  ideally designed to match Linen Curtains

We believe this new range now enables us to offer the most compressive honeycomb range in the market with both the ability to offer “Made in Australia” and overseas depending on budget and fabrics.  The range is available in multiple cell configurations including 28mm (10mm), 38mm (20mm), 43mm cell structures “()” brackets indicated open cell width.