motorised blinds

As we approach the winter months we need to keep our homes warmer while still saving energy on heating costs. Finding the right balance and use active shading to protect your home from the winter cold while welcoming in the winter sun.
The first step is to insulate your windows by closing your blinds when the sun goes down. Shading your windows at night time keeps the warmth in and creates a more comfortable environment. This can also assist in reducing heating costs. The next step is to open your blinds at sunrise to allow winter sun to warm the home during the day as direct sun on your windows is a great source of warmth.
We now have a great 12v solution we can retrofit to your existing blinds and curtains, to help your home become more energy efficient, Automate Pulse allows you to easily set timers to do the work for you.

motorised blindsUsing the application on your smartphone, your motorised blinds can automatically rise in the morning and close just before sunset, keeping your windows covered over the cold nights! You can even segment your rooms to specify which blinds you want to open and close.  Call into our show room to discuss your automation requirements.