Retrofitting home automation to your lights with CTEC switches.

Ever thought of automating just a corner of your home? But never had an option as most of the products automate entire home and demand exorbitant investment. Ctec Smart Home offers a smart and affordable solution to automate your entire home or just that corner.

Would you be excited to experience the benefits that home automation has to offer and discover the value it can bring to your life? Control your home when away from home. No more wandering of your mind on those lights or appliances which you might have left switched on. No need to drive back home to check and switch them off. Save that energy, money and time just with a click of your phone no matter how far you are from home.

Replace your home electrical switches with Ctec smart switches. They retrofit existing electrical switches and allow you to make the transformation as needed. Any certified electrician should be able to install this simple and smart solution for you.

Google Home and Alexa Integration

A new model of light switches, dimmer switch, fan controller and curtain controller is released to market recently. This model is compatible with Google Home and Alexa. Customers can either control their switches through our smart phone app or through Google Home or Alexa voice control.

OK Google, turn on my lights.

Alexa, turn all lights off.

Secure your home

If you are a strong believer in Preventive measures, using Ctec wifi enabled smart switches must form part of your list to prevent break-ins.

When out for holidays, switch on your lights at home to give an impression as if there is someone at home. This should help in keeping “eyes off” your property.

Ideal Solution for remote lighting in AIRBNB

CTEC lighting allows you to control lighting prior to guest checking in the winter months. You can remote control all lighting switches that are connected, plus it provides a great night-time lighting switch for guest unfamiliar with your home.

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