Plantation shutters are a wonderfully versatile window covering that can be custom-painted to suit the unique design of your home.  Of course white shutters are the most common, but if you want to add a different look and feel, consider the use of black plantation shutters, they can make a dramatic statement. They are well suited for spaces you want to be kept a bit darker. With the right wall colour or a splash of lightness for contrast, they can even work well in bedrooms and dining rooms.  Lastly, don’t forget when picking the colour of plantation shutters to consider the look from the outside of your home.  A black or a dark shutter can “disappear” – almost look like they are not there – where as a white shutter will stand out.  If the outside of your home is dark timbers or dark contemporary finishes – just think whether white shutters are the look that you want?

Black Plantation Shutters