Plantation shutters that are made in Australia can vary in terms of materials, design, and quality, as different manufacturers may use different approaches. We sell and warranty a product made from Thermalite.  This product is a bi-product of the natural gas industry.   We have Australian made plantation shutters in our own home and have been very happy with the performance over the last 6 years. However, there are some general characteristics you can expect from Australian-made plantation shutters:

  1. Material Quality: Our Australian-made plantation shutters are crafted from high-quality material called thermalite, its Guaranteed to outlast and out perform timber and PVC.  Our shutters are environmentally friendly, manufactured with recycled materials, which eliminates deforestation required for timber shutters and the carbon emissions required to manufacture PVC shutter.
  2. Customization: Our Australian=made plantation shutters offers a range of customization options to suit individual preferences and home decor. This includes various two primary colors, finishes, and louvre sizes to match different styles and preferences.
  3. Climate Considerations: Australia has diverse climates, from tropical to temperate, and shutters need to withstand these conditions. As a result, Australian-made plantation shutters are often designed to be resilient against factors like extreme heat, humidity, and UV exposure. Superior insulation compared to timber plantation shutters
  4. Sustainability: Our Australian-made plantation shutters prioritize sustainability by using responsibly sourced, eco-friendly materials. This aligns with a growing trend towards environmentally conscious practices in manufacturing.
  5. Local Standards: Australian-made shutters typically adhere to local building and safety standards. This ensures that the shutters are manufactured to withstand the specific conditions and requirements of the Australian market.  Our shutters come with a limited 20 year warranty
  6. Professional Installation: We offer both professional install or do-it yourself options.
  7. Warranty: Our Australian Made plantation shutters offer an unmatched warranty compared to traditional overseas shutters.
  8. Features:
    • Max Panel Height: 1500mm without midrail – 2900 with midrail
    • Max Panel Width: Hinged  750mm for panels up to 1500h or 650mm wide for panels over 1500m high. Hinged panels are not recommended for high traffic areas like doorways. In these cases we’d recommend our durable Australian Made Elipso Louvre range of shutters.
    • Bifold:  450mm per panel
    • Slider –   900mm

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