Top down bottom up honeycombs blinds are available in all our ranges and are ideal where privacy is required in the bottom half of the window and the top half is open. These blinds can be ‘floated‘ anywhere in the window and are now available up to 3,000mm.  The provide maximum privacy with maximum light and/or view.

Some of the advantages of Topdown Bottom up Honeycomb blinds are ;

  • Top-down bottom-up blinds increase privacy options
  • Save wards of 30% of home heating or cooling energy costs
  • Offers sound absorption dampening sound and street noise, depending on cell structure and size
  • Control light: Blockout, Light Filter or Sheer Fabric shades
  • Innovative lifting systems:  Cordless, Corded, or Cordloop
  • Ultra-smooth (Cordless) exclusive one-touch lift technology
  • Cordless Honeycomb option is certified ‘Best For Kids’ and our Norman range have won numerous awards
  • SmartRelease™ option for automatic smooth lowering
  • Can be motorised with 12v control system.
  • Add Light Guards to your window reveal to block light leaks
honeycomb shades