The Australian Department of the Environment and Energy reported that 40% of your home’s heating energy in winter can be lost through windows. So, the number one way to avoid the rising energy prices is to insulate your windows and glass doors!
honeycomb blinds

We recently engaged in a study where windows had Norman Portrait Honeycomb Blinds installed on them. The results showed a 32.89% reduction in reverse cycle AC loading and an astonishing 64.3% reduction in heat loss. 

These huge reductions are an easy way to reduce your energy bill and therefore, curb those rising prices.

honeycomb blinds
Our Portrait Honeycomb Blinds come in a range of colours, patterns and textures with double cell, single-cell, smaller and larger cell options available.

They also come with several operating systems including the SmartRise lift system which has no visible cords – making it child-safe as well as helping to reduce your energy bill!