External venetians versus Internal roller blinds

Many reputable studies have been conducted into the efficiency of external and internal shading systems. Most of the research has been carried out in Europe where high energy costs make effective insulation of glass areas a must – in fact some countries have tough legislation in place against energy inefficiency. Research findings by Australian Institutions and summary figures are available through CSIRO. The objective with any shading device is of course to keep the inside temperature in a range where our bodies feel comfortable and perform at their best. It has been well established that these temperatures are ranging between 18º and 25º Celsius. To achieve and maintain this comfort zone we have to spend valuable energy into cooling and heating our homes and workplaces.

External Venetian Functional

Streamlined and functional, the ev80 is capable of efficiently shading large expanses of glass whilst at the same time creating a striking facade. Their unique design means they can be operated to allow the entrance of natural light without glare, all the while maintaining exterior views. The aluminium slats of the blinds can be either tilted to varying angles or retracted by remote control, switch operation or integration with Z-wave, CBUS,  and Building Management Systems. Incorporation of Sun and Wind Sensors means optimal operating parameters may be achieved automatically.

So if you are looking for an external ventian option for you home call in and discuss your requirements.


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