Automatic awnings & exterior solar screens play an integral role in outdoor lifestyles, this is one of our recent projects, so you can earn how others are making the most of these design elements in their homes and businesses.

The project is for a home on an north eastern slope of a hill in Hepburn Springs just out of Daylesford . While having a beautiful view down the gully through substantial north eastern facing windows.  This exposure to the sun almost the entire day – turning the inside into a heat sink and the reflected sunlight could be blinding.  The challenges being the height of the windows, just over 6m in to the middle of the window  and the ability to control remotely.  In this case we used  large mobile scaffold to provide a steady work platform for both the installers and electricians.  All these blinds are controlled by Somfy Altus 50 motors, providing super quite action for lowering and raising the blinds.  With an upgrade to the remote the blinds could be further controlled remotely to raise  and lower depending on the weather conditions.  The fabric was HVG Visiontex.



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