We offer a number of options for those seeking Australian Made Planation Shutters. The main advantage  is you are a supporting a locally made product but it also enables us to delivery a product in a more timely manner.  Where as Chinese made product can take 7+weeks the local product can be available in a 12 business days excluding freight.  We only offer a white Australian made plantation shutter.   We offer both the award winning Thermalite shutter out of Queensland or the alternative but very competitive  PVC shutter from Melbourne. Additionally, they offer energy efficiency benefits and minimal insulation. A notable practical advantage of planation shutters is their adjustability. This means they can be adjusted appropriately to suit the current weather conditions. It is also possible to control the interior conditions of a home. During the winter, shutters can assist in keeping the warmth in. Given the quality of wood used to make them; less cool air will get into a room when they are closed than when blinds or curtains are used. Essentially, shutters offer an additional layer of protection.

australian made plantation shutter