• Swap some furniture around in your room! Changing the layout can change the whole feel of a room. Try focusing furniture towards windows or light sources rather than closing them off.
  • Get crafty! Cushions shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. Even the basic sewer can make a pillowcase and the options of colours and styles are limitless. Reuse the insert that you already have or pick up some foam from a local craft store. Then just pick some fabric, some ribbon or trim and you have a brand new cushion that is unique to your home!
  • Spring means flowers and floral prints! Rather than having to purchase new furniture or items to decorate your home pick some flowers or head to your local florist. Plants in pots are a low maintenance option and can provide some interest with the variety in pots. These 2 ideas can bring a whole new element of life into a room and warmth to a cold winter space.
  • Rugs, Rugs and more RUGS! By having a rug or mat on the floor it can add a form of artwork, colour or warmth in the subtlest way. They’re a great solution if you don’t have a lot of wall space or have children prone to knocking over delicate ornaments.
  • Have you thought about your window coverings? Why not stop in and try a screen? Screens allow light into a room whilst still providing privacy and light block. They can tuck into your recess to blend with and existing window covering without taking away from it. The best thing about them is that there is a huge colour range they come in to suit any room or style.  


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