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We have had the pleasure all week of teaching and training our latest work experience student

Leticia Glynn.

She has experienced anything from, measure and quoting, sewing, using the air compressor and staple gun to construct a divider wall screen, an electronic Interior Design consultation in PDF form based on a client brief, fabric selections and visual merchandising.


What was the best part of your experience working at Taylor and Stirling? Being able to be hands on with a project and seeing the outcome come to life.

After your experience has this made your passion for Interior Design more eager to get out there in the big wide world?  Yes! Because I am eager to keep learning and develop my skills further. It has got me thinking a lot more about taking more steps in the right direction.

Would you say your understanding of fabrics has now broadened? Definitely, I did not know much about fabrics and curtains when I first started. I can see that there is a lot of involvement throughout the process especially in some products more than others.

Would you like to try any other fields in Interior Design to confirm which avenue you would prefer to go down? I am interested in colour and lighting as well.

Will you be starting any projects and activities from home now that you have a better understanding of how it all goes together? I would like to rearrange and reconstruct my bedroom and then move to the lounge room. I have talked to mum lately about our lounge room and how I feel the space would benefit from a slight makeover.



:-Pictured above shows the beautiful divider wall screen that Leticia assisted in making-


1)- I have learned how to “break the rules” in design. What I mean is to go against what once may have been considered a rule and then make it work in a space. I feel this made tasks more challenging and rewarding.

2)- When finding your own style, you don’t always have to follow the trends.

3)- I will always take into consideration the client brief as I am there to guide and inspire to the best of my ability.


Leticia did a fantastic job of her electronic Interior Design consultation so we wanted to share that with you all on how much she has learnt, taken in and already been studying up on in her own time.




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Written by Shandelle Cooper.