Architects love to explore all the possibilities with a new built  and you will often find a  raked ceiling, Circle or Arched or Triangular windows. Raked ceilings, or ceilings with an incline, are a fabulous way to create drama and with the right window placement can flood a space in natural light. Yet when designing those window spaces, it can  overlook the practical need for window furnishings.

It isn’t possible to use every type of window covering on a these architectural features and if you have hard to reach windows, automation is an important consideration

So, let’s explore the best window coverings for raked ceilings, triangular, arches and circle windows.


Curtains are one of our favourite window furnishings solution for most homes. They instantly add a designer look to any home.  A simple linen sheer can provide privacy while adding a warmth to large expanse of an architectural  window.  However the function and shape of the window will determine if curtains will work.

Plantation Shutters

One of the most popular window coverings right now are Shutters. With Australia’s largest range of Shutters, dollar curtains + blinds can make a Shutter to suit most sizes or shaped windows – including triangular windows in rooms with raked ceilings.

Vertical Blinds for triangle windows

The final window covering solution suitable for raked ceilings are vertical blinds. They are a functional and economical option that can offer excellent privacy and light control.

Honeycomb or Pleated Blinds

Honeycomb cellular structure allows a number of customer shapes from arches and circles, however the main disadvantage is they are not operation and are fixed to the shape.  Pleated blinds do however enable certain triangle shapes to be configured.

Roller Blinds

Its possible to get roller blinds to work on shaped windows again like curtains the shape of the window can determine the effectiveness of a roller blinds.  We often do “PULL UP” roller blinds for triangle window as a simple window covering option

triangle window blinds