The eyes of our houses are the windows, and like make-up can be used to make eyes more beautiful so too can fabrics enhance your windows. Colour affects our lives, feelings, homes, and moods. Since the house without windows is a house without life, it is important to decorate them accordingly.  It was a please to see someone choose some colour for both the bedrooms and living spaces recently. The two colours of interest are red and blue.

The red colour is stimulating the appetite, sexual needs, energy, and makes people more active. So, red coloured curtains can be perfect for both your kitchen or dining room and bedroom. However, it is important to know, that red colour might work very appetising, and you might overeat, or express too many emotions.

Blue is a peaceful colour that helps to fight insomnia and anxiety, as well as concentrate. Therefore, blue coloured curtains are perfect to hang both in the workspace of your house and in the bedroom.