Taylor and Stirling are now offering a number of Window films and bespoke wall coverings. We have a wide range of window films and related products designed for glass privacy, decorative purposes, solar control, safety and security.

Our products are easy to apply, and offer an attractive and affordable alternative to blinds, shutters or replacing the glass.


Let your imagination loose with the flexibility provided by these amazing Decorative Window Films. There are no limits to the application of this technology. Ideal to apply corporate branding or decorative designs.

 Solar control window film

Is your house too hot? Is the amount of sunlight unbearable? Is glare preventing you from reading, watching TV or your computer screen
We have a wide range of solar control film products, for commercial and residential applications, including reflective and tinted window films, UV and heat rejection films as well as coloured and frosted tints.

Safety & Security

Protect your family and home with advanced protection. Security & Safety Window Films hold glass together in the event of an accident, decreasing the risk of injury from flying glass and almost bullet-proof against break-ins.

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