About Premium Australian Made Thermalite Plantation Shutters:

Australian Made Plantation Shutters

Our Thermalite Plantation Shutters are 100% Australian-manufactured. The factory is equipped with industry specific state of the art equipment is producing plantation shutters that will easily satisfy even the most refined needs and requirements. The factory is located in Queensland, Australia. We can get your shutters in record, time 15 Business days to Ballarat or 18 to Hobart.

Environmentally Friendly & Reduce Energy Costs

Thermalite is the look and feel of wood , you cant tell the difference even up close.  It will never crack, war or shrink.  Thermalite is the GREEN CHOICE. It’s the only 100% synthetic material that looks and feels exactly like timber. Thermalite is a non toxic polymer foam and is a by-product of natural gas – no natural resources (including trees) are destroyed in the manufacturing of this product and unlike vinyl/PVC.

Thermalite is also tested and proven via independent testing carried out by the National Association of Home Builders Centre. In that testing it showed that the R factor for Thermalite is nearly three times that of timber. This means that, compared to timber, it takes nearly three times the amount of energy applied to one side of a piece of Thermalite to raise the temperature on the other side one degree centigrade. To be specific, the R factor for timber is just under 1, while the R factor for Thermalite is nearly 3.

Safe to Use

In addition, Thermalite is flame retardant and termite proof. You don’t have to worry about that burning candle next to the window setting your home alight! Also as mentioned above, no toxins are used in any Thermalite material.

Perfect for All Locations

Our shutters are perfect for both internal and external usage including residential units and private homes. Furthermore, it may also be used for restaurants, resorts, hospitals and hotels. They are water resistant and perfect for use in bathrooms and wet areas. When comparing Thermalite during Wind Loading Analyst Thermalite’s 4 kpa rating is approximately 360% stronger than Polyresin and incomparable to timber.Quality Product that’s Made to Last

Every single Thermalite Plantation Shutter comes with a 25-year transferable warranty in addition to the paint finish that will be warranted for 5 years against yellowing, cracking or peeling. These shutters are custom-made in order to fit any kind of door or window and precisely fitted by us. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of styles, including hinged, fixed, bi-fold as well as sliding.

Easy to Clean

Generally Thermalite Shutters only require a light dusting using a feather duster. With only approximately 12 blades per metre most panels can easily be dusted in under 1 minute. A little warm soapy water can also be used to remove most grime and will look beautiful for many years to come.

australian made plantation shutters