Panther Stainless Steel Security Mesh

Our stainless steel mesh has now successfully passed a 3000hrs salt spray test without any visible signs of corrosion. Once again, our product successfully achieving 300% more than the standards require at 1000hrs

Panther Security Door Impact Testing

The continuing refinement of our “load locking” design has now concluded that our MK111 door and window frame is by far the strongest and best performing product we have ever offered to the market. One word comes to mind with the overall results of the MK111 “WOW”. The new internal design is the pinnacle of our innovation and our test results for dynamic impact are consistently passing at (300 joules) 300% more than the standards require for forced entry. As part of our branding progress, we have modernised our logo and included a three word statement for our latest design – SMARTER – STRONGER – SAFER

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