Thermal curtains or insulated curtains offer the best window treatment to keep our the cold in the winter months.  Even the highest-rated windows present an opportunity for air to infiltrate your home, causing your heating system to work harder to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The loss of energy is upwards of 25% depending on the type of window.  Curtains obtain this thermal barrier by the incorporation not only the multiple layers of fabric, but the inclusion of an air pocket between the lining and the main curtain fabric. This can be further enhanced by adding a bump layer, which adds a further air pocket.  The choices in fabrics, colours, styles presents the largest home decor opportunity when styling your windows.  This heat retention can be further helped with the addition of window pelmet or by taking the curtain to the roof.  This means that when the hot air starts to fall it falls in front of the curtain into your room, and not behind the curtain warming the glass.

Increasingly we are not only taking curtains to roof  or as high as possible but also taking them past the window edge, this further provide full insulative effect around drafty windows and makes the roof look larger and provides maximum window view as the curtains now sit off the window