A Guide to Choosing Window Curtains and Treatments

Curtains bring any room to life by adding color and style. But how do you choose the right ones? Let us guide you on choosing size, material, design and more!

Many things in our house seem to fade into the background.

Over time, for example, who remembers the texture of the rug or shade of blue you finally chose for the wall? Choosing a window curtain might seem equally unimportant: Who will care in five years?

Hold on. You’re going to care. You will eventually forget the exact moment you installed your new curtains, but they’ll always be there.

The right curtain can bring your room alive for years to come. It’s possible to find your match without ruining any relationships, too.

Here’s how to pick your curtains and treatments.

Understand How Curtains Will Enhance Your Space

Why are you looking to buy new drapes? The answer to this question will be a fundamental part of your search.

For some, this window add-on is the most important design statement coming from a room. Others just want it to blend into a total feel of a room. Some just want to block out the sun and ask for some occasional privacy.

Where do you fall on the spectrum? If you go into a store without thinking about this answer, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed.

Think about the length and texture of curtain you want. Consider if you want it to stand in contrast with the rest of the room, or blend right in.

Another important distinction to be made along the way is between stylized curtains and solid color types. A curtain with an artistic drawing or image on it can bring a subtle pop to a room, stirring the room’s energies and drawing wows from visitors.

Or, your room might suffer from a complex curtain look. In that case, hone in on the curtain types that are only one color block.

And then think about exactly which color that will be.

1. Colour is Key

The colour of any room can affect the mood it presents. Red, for instance, might seem romantic or exciting, while orange could reflect the brightness of a sun room.

There are many different colours you can choose from when selecting your curtains, whether a solid color or a stylized design. That’s why it’s often helpful to consult a professional service to help you decide. Sometimes, those similar shades of the same color start to look the exact same.

It’s not you starting to lose your mind. Depending on different biological factors, you may struggle to distinguish between different shades of the same color. Science explains the phenomena.

So, don’t be too quick to pull the trigger on a colour decision. Reach out to different people and ask around about your colour schemes. The right color is in some ways the most important factor in your curtain selection.

Once you have it, you’re set. You’re now ready to buy some curtains–congrats! But now what?

2. Light and Privacy

Curtains can be made from different types of materials, from sheer, to fully lined with to give you as much or as little privacy as you need. At the same time, consider how much natural light you would like. Do you need full blockout or something more opaque? There are lots of choices when you are looking at curtains. The combination of sheer curtains to roller blinds soften a room and can be used as feature by taking them all the way through to the roof and to the full width of the room. 

3. Insulation

A factor for Ballarat and surrounds in how hot or cold does is get in your home? Which room heats up the most in summer? Fully lined drapes and a padded pelmet is the most effective way to insulate your windows, keeping you warm on cold days, and comfortable on sunny days. This can help you save thousands every year on heating and cooling costs. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Cleaning

The “treatment” of your newest buy is a phrase with many possible meanings. On the one hand, there’s the long-term perspective. Over the months and years, your drapes will pick up dust and go stiff at different moments. The best way to look after your curtains is to vacuum them gently using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.  If they are in need of a more thorough clean, there are a couple of specialist dry cleaners in Ballarat who will be able to help, just check your care label at the back of each curtain as to acceptable cleaning methods.

5. Cos

Curtain costs are drive by many factors and may include some or all of the following:

·        Fabric, type, width, style

·        Tracks, rods, eyelets  

·        Pelmets

·        Tie backs

·        Size

There are so many costs involved in creating the perfect home. With so many curtain options, you’ll find it easier and (less stressful) to set a budget and stick to it.





Will curtains look good in my home?

It’s possible to take the guesswork out of curtains so you can be confident your room will look stunning. We want you to see, feel, and think about what your room will look like.

We can present you with a carefully selected range of fabric colours, textures, and patterns so you can see and feel the material. We’ll chat about the nitty gritty details that will affect the look of your curtains and how they will best complement your room.

Looking for more information on how to design your home to its maximum potential? Feel free to reach out to us for the latest designer tips.