Get more use out of your Patio or Deck with a Louvred roof.

Louvred roofs make a great option in enclose those large patio or deck areas in and get more use of the total space.  With the inclement weather of Hobart and Ballarat a Lumex Louvred roof makes a great addition to any home.  Not only will increase the opportunity to use the deck in the winter it will also add value to your home unlike a traditional fixed roof solution it wont darken the internal living space like a solid fixed structure.

With your remote you can dial in light and shade required or protect the area and your furniture from adverse weather conditions with the addition of automatic rain sensor.  When summer is with as again you can provide just the right amount of shade and comfort to those often unused deck spaces when the summer heat normally heats up the flooring.

With the addition of Zipscreen blinds you can seal off the whole area and make the entertainment space completely water proof.

So if you want to discuss your outdoor solutions for your deck or patio give us a call and we can call around to provide some guidance and options.

Louvred Roof