Folding Arm Awnings make a great option to cover your rear patio or entertainment space.  We have a range of Folding Arm Awning Product to suit different spaces and sizes, ranging from 2m wide through to 14m wide we can cover your entertainment space with the right product.  We stock two primary products, the Rollease Acmeda range of Folding Arm Awnings made in Italy, which have a number of products from the base Piuma, through to Klip, Kumo, Feng & Shan through to the extensive range from Markilux Folding Arm Awning products form Germany.

Shown here is a Folding Arm Awning Installed today in Tranmere in Hobart. This is the Kumo fully enclosex system which is one of the smallest profiles on the market with a drop of just over 140mm.   This awning will provide excellent cover on the second story deck that basically unsalable on hot sunny days as it currently too hot to sit on the deck and enjoy the afternoon vista as the sun sets on Hobart.

folding arm awning