Child Safe Roller Blinds


Spring Assists returns to roller blinds

The latest release from Blindware brings back chain free roller blinds in a big way,  Concerned with the children and the chocking hazard that roller blind chains present, then consider the ZeroGravity option from Taylor and Stirling.

Chainless roller blind or spring assists have never been more exciting, with the recent launch of ZeroGravity,  it has never been clearer why Spring Assist technology will always have very clear advantages over traditional geared systems.

What is ZeroGravity?
A brand new roller blind technology that is exquisite in it’s simplicity. The weight of the blind always remains perfectly has been balanced with the
fabric, over the entire operating range- creating a masterpiece of effortless operation.  Unlike traditional spring  roller blinds zero gravity roller blinds wont spin around at the top if you let them go, they will just stop at this point.

With the removal of chain from the roller blinds, you immediately remove traditional dangerous choke points from your roller blinds.  We can also retrofit the system to existing roller blinds bring a fresh new look to your roller blinds and removing unsightly chains from your walls, and provide a much safer child friendly environment.