Zero Gravity Roller blinds

The design is simple. The weight of the ZeroGravity spring perfectly offsets the weight of the blind over the entire range of travel.
This means that users can put the blind up or down with the lightest touch. It’s truly world first innovation in the roller blind category. If you have young children then it means there are no chains so there isnt any risk of young children being caught up in the roller blinds.

How does ZeroGravity work?

Use the ZeroGravity spring to create the perfect chainless blind that can be raised and lowered with the lightest touch. No chain required. Perfect for family homes.

Key benefits of Zero Gravity

Nearly effortless operation. The weight of the spring can
be quickly and simply adjusted to always perfectly match
the weight of the roller blind, no matter what width, fabric
weight or tube size.
• Modular. ZeroGravity fully integrates into all SunBoss
brackets, which means it works with single blinds, double
blinds, fascia, cassette, rail systems etc.
• Smaller light gap. Deductions down to 25mm.
• Flexible. Can be used on blinds up to 4m, with or without a
cassette or fascia.
• Versatile. Chain or chainless operation – both operated
with the lightest touch.